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What Can I Learn Here?

Meet Your GB Corporate Team.

Elizabeth Rummage

Franchise Relations Coordinator

Hello! I'm Elizabeth Rummage, the Franchise Relations Coordinator for Go Burrito. Think of me as the Jacqueline of all trades for the Corporate side. Where Rachel is the go to for all things Go Burrito, I am the go to for all things Franchise Related. Together, we make a pretty powerful team. Ready to take on the Fast Casual competition and make Go Burrito a roaring success. We can't do it without you. Welcome and thank you.

Mikey Wetzel

Go Burrito Founder

Former Xbox video game developer launched Go Burrito in 2013, and now heads franchise operations as Go Burrito expands from a local North Carolina favorite to a nationally-recognized brand.

Rachel Griffith

Franchise Operations Manager

Hi!  I'm Rachel and I am the Franchise Operations Manager for Go Burrito, which is a fancy way of saying I am the master of all things Go Burrito.  Ok, maybe not the master, that's kind of a stretch.

Hot off the Panini!


Notes from the GB Crew!

I love being able to do my Go Burrito training online. Paper binders are such a waste of resources.

Jessica White

The laid back, friendly culture here rocks. I love Go Burrito!

John Dawson

The atmosphere at Go Burrito is like a family. We have fun together and we’ve got each others backs.

Mary Springs